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8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

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Joining Our Hospice Team
June 17-19, 2016

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Welcome to Hospice of Redmond

Quality of Life for You
and Those You Care About Most

Life is a journey.

Hospice of Redmond supports the quality of life
for people in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Powell Butte, Prineville,
Crooked River Ranch, Terrebonne and Madras 
as that journey draws to a close.

We treat the patient—not the disease.

Our professional Hospice team addresses the medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their loved ones.

We believe in quality of life.

Our Hospice affirms life and regards dying as a natural process. We offer our patients support on their personal journey. It is up to each individual to choose what will be of help to them. We make suggestions but it is always your choice.

We provide comfort care.

We work closely with your physician to provide various methods of symptom management. This allows you, the patient, to remain as active and in control of your life as possible.

We offer in-home care.

Our trained staff comes to you to provide education, resources and support to allow you to remain in the comfort of your own home, whether a personal residence, a family member’s home, or a facility.

We serve all the residents of Central Oregon.

Our staff and trained volunteers provide services to the residents of Central Oregon including Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Tumalo, Powell Butte, Prineville, Terrebonne, Crooked River Ranch, Madras, and surrounding areas.

We never send you a bill for our services.

No one is refused admission to Hospice care for lack of ability to pay. Our services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and contributions from individuals, families and foundations.

Wall of Honor
732 SW 23rd St.

Ask us about having a veteran's name added to the Wall of Honor. Call 541.548.7483 today.